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Björn Sundeby's book Rwanda - the country that was reborn is now on offer. But other titles and publications are in the pipeline. The next book that is underway, which will be in the form of a thriller set in the future, should touch a nerve with all readers, in one way or another.

If you are active, either on a permanent or seasonal basis, in the hospitality industry, run a book café, bed and breakfast or have other sales outlet, and are on the lookout for an interesting book, please contact us by e-mailing info@rewanda.com.

You may also be involved in a book circle or run a book blog with a core following.

We who work with rewanda.com are open to any new ideas and want to spread knowledge through documentary depictions of real people who have a story to tell. The book, Rwanda – the country that was reborn, was published in spring 2019.

Available in english, swedish or as e-book.

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