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A newly published book about Rwanda that affects, unites and challenges its readers!

“Rwanda is one of the most altered countries in the world.”

Swedish entrepreneur and author Björn Sundeby is impressed by Rwanda but wants to make changes to the Swedish aid system.
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Rwanda - The country that was reborn

“What Josée told me in confidence during that lunch in Kigali felt simply incredible.
I remember thinking: ‘It’s not possible’.”

Björn Sundeby

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Three survivors on their experiences of the genocide and the way back.

“Why we wanted to be in the book!”

Josée Butera

Born in Kigali 
Lives in Stockholm
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Devote Mukeshimana

Born in Gisenyi 
Lives in Karlstad
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Lyse Umutoni

Born in Uganda
Lives in Eskilstuna

«It is probably one of the books that has affected me the most. By far the testimonials by the three survivors made the strongest impression. Everything that is nice and beautiful is in such incredible sharp contrast to the unimaginable terror, which is described in the book.«

Lars Ahlman

«I like the choice of focus of Rwanda's fantastic development and an incredible quest for the creation of a modern society for all Rwandans. It clearly describes the genocide of Tutsis so that no one can doubt what really happend.«

Lena Skoglund, Stockholm