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About Björn Sundeby

Björn Sundeby is an inspirational figure who engages people and makes things happen. His curiosity and ability to think outside the box has taken him to places few people will ever or perhaps even dare to visit. He is not afraid to find his own path when those normally used are closed or are clogged with red tape. Björn has an abundance of infectious drive and enthusiasm.

He wants to contribute to social development by inspiring and sharing his experiences. It should be possible to reuse everything, either in local communities or, as is the case now, in a country in Africa. Björn Sundeby is the founder and major owner of IST, a leading European EdTech company that provides, for instance, software solutions for school administration and learning processes. The main office is located in Växjö in Sweden. Björn has been at the centre of much media attention in recent years, both in Sweden and worldwide for his planned housing projects based on classical architecture. But why all this attention? For one thing, he challenges an entire body of architects. Well 95 per cent of them at least. He himself was very surprised at the impact he made.

He is just starting out as an author, but there really is no shortage of interesting topics and titles for upcoming publications. Björn is also a good storyteller with a sense for detail.

And who knows, there may be a sequel to the Rwanda book in the near future, which would make several readers very happy. They would love to follow Björn's onging work to help with Rwanda’s transition more quickly into a knowledge economy. And perhaps Björn can also encourage Swedish aid policy makers to change paths, as a small step in this process. His reply when asked what the significance of the book is: ”It is important to publish the stories told by Josée, Lyse and Devote so more people discover what really happened and that we never forget this horrific chapter in our modern history. It should greatly benefit schools. Well anyone for that matter can learn something from it!”


In conclusion, it must be said that Björn is planning a new book within an entirely different area. Just as interesting from a social perspective and it will be in the form of a thriller.

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