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How has it been to write a book about your own traumatic experience of a genocide?
When did you decide to tell your story?

“It was a very emotional process. I used to write down details after the genocide. Some survivors and family members from outside Rwanda asked me what happened, how it happened and many hard questions to explain. I decided to write it down and share with a few people by e-mail. This book we wrote helped me a lot to be open to speak about it in public. It was hard but necessary.” 

In the book, we also read about two other women's struggles and about their way back. How much did it mean for you to do this together? Did you know Lyse and Devote before the book project?
“I didn’t know Lyse and Devota before we met here in Sweden.”

The book with the subtitle “The country that was reborn” also wants to show how Rwanda got out of the ruins, restarted and not least united its population. How would you like to describe Rwanda today?
“The title of this book speaks for itself, the tragedy of 1994 in Rwanda, where over a million lives were lost in 100 days; the resilience, determination and courage of Rwandan in Exile to save the country and people. To bring reconciliation and unity on all Rwandans. I have never heard any country where the population was a refuge inside and outside of the country. Today Rwanda is peaceful, clean and mostly united.”

What have you got for reactions? 
“For many it’s a very informative testimony, very horrible, at the same time very encouraging to reflect on the evil man can do and the sacrifices man can do too! They now understand the Tutsi genocide more, they used to only hear about it briefly on the news. But very grateful to hear about it from the survivors. They love Rwanda and wish to visit that country which was reborn.”

Finally, what would you like to say to those people who have not yet read it?
“I encourage many people to read our stories and to report any kind of discrimination so what happened to Tutsi in Rwanda will never happen elsewhere in the world. They will also be able to understand how the determination and the vision of some Rwandans rebuilt the country from ashes in a short period.”

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