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He had never been to Africa, despite travelling almost all over the world. But this trip would have a different outcome. On a memorable Monday in November 2017, in the middle of a working lunch in Rwanda's capital Kigali, Björn Sundeby, the entrepreneur from Småland, ended up having a highly confidential and unexpected conversation with Josée Butera. Josée had booked Björn's meetings with ministers during the week-long visit, and it was she who was now keen on telling her story about something that was extremely important to relate and share with others. It turned out that Josée was one of the few people from her community who survived the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. In the second chapter of the book, Josée and two other Rwandan women come forward to relate what happened to them. It has taken 25 years to process, but now they want to tell the truth, without rewriting or embellishing their stories. All three women reside in Sweden. This is a book everyone should read. It affects, unites and challenges people all at once. It portrays humankind's inherent drive to never give up. The fact that the author himself was impressed by Rwanda's transformation is just as apparent as his criticism of how the Swedish aid system operates. He wants to see change! Rwanda - the country that was reborn gives an insight into a country that has turned hatred and loss into hope and progress. From ruins to global leadership in gender equality and environmental work. This is the book he never thought he would write, about a country he never thought he would visit and about people he never thought he would get to meet. The author would like the book to be used in schools as a complement to other teaching materials in subjects such as social science and history. Being an entrepreneur he hopes to inspire some of tomorrow's entrepreneurs. 176 high-quality printed pages where content and images are blended to give the best reading experience! When you purchase the book you are showing your appreciation for Josée, Lyse and Devote, helping them to spread the message that human rights are the greatest priority and must never be questioned.

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