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Great interest at the launch in Värmland and Kigali

Launch in Stockholm, Värmland, Växjö and Kigali

Great interest in our first book about Rwandas transformation. At an officiell ceremony in Stockholm, several representatives from the Swedish Parliament participated and got the book signed. It was a great day for us.

We also attended several book fairs, including Värmlands Book festival in november 2019. Feel free to watch here: https://varmlandsbokfestival.se/2019/11/06/devote-mukeshimana-och-birgitta-rydztrom/

We also presented the book at the main library in Växjö https://bibliotek.vaxjo.se/sv/web/arena/program-i-galaxen

From the book event in Kigali

Photo: Launch in Stockholm and from the event in Kigali. Published in The New Times.